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We are a dedicated team of software professionals with a combined 25+ years of experience. We have worked as developers, integration specialists, Product Managers, and Directors for a diverse set of software vendors.

This experience with a wide variety of technologies as well as experience with the integration of various information systems has allowed us to play a major role in improving and streamlining the workflow at Fortune 100 companies, top hospitals across the United States and the Department of Defense.

Brendan O'Leary

Brendan is an experienced software Servant Leader. A passionate DevOps and CI/CD advocate, and a zealot for the User Experience.

Josh Guenther

Josh is an energized, creative problem solver who loves to make incredible software. He has extensive experience in leading cross functional teams to bring a vision to life.

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Keep track of simple lists with each of your channels, groups or team members.

Simple and easy to use.


Integrate your Shopify store with Slack

Drive customer engagement and move faster.

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