Liscio Apps believes simple is beautiful

Liscio means simple in Italian. Inspired by timeless classic design and convention over configuration, Liscio builds apps to last.

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Simple is beautiful

In a world where apps seek to steal our time and attention, Liscio wants to build apps that are beautiful in their simplicity.

Work smarter, not harder

If you're applying software to a problem, it should make it less complicated. If it will be painful to fix, fix it.

Be the change you seek

Complaining about the existing state of affairs only reinforces it & wastes energy doing it. Always have a bias to action over words.

Our Apps

iPhone mockup of the QuizMe app

QuizMe Learn Simply Anything

Easy to use online flashcards
If you can use flashcards, you can use QuizMe. The difference is: quizMe is backed by science...and doesn't use any trees.

Using the science of spaced repetition
Specially designed, personalized algorithms send you reminders precisely when you need them - and never when you don't!

Onboarding Buddy

Onboarding Buddy is onboarding, done right. Stress-free onboarding for any size team.


Automate Onboarding

Ensure that your next onboarding is your company's best by automating and iterating.

Build a Sense of Welcome

Slack is where you come together, get things done, and learn about one another. Why not have your new employees get engaged day 1?

Provide Context, Boost Productivity

Bringing on a new employee is a significant investment. Help those new hires understand their role, the company, and your processes better.

Plan, design, and automate

Give new employees a consistent experience to ensure cohesion and guarantee no step is missed. Measure progress and new employee satisfaction.